Joint Development Agreement Solar

Listen to how our analysis group looks at decisive considerations, such as.B. The adequacy and structure considerations of the partners, as well as the essential provisions, including the extent of the parties` joint development activities, their performance obligations, their financing obligations and the termination and retraction rights. Engie is a global energy leader and one of the largest electricity suppliers in the United States. Since 2003, he has proudly operated more than half of Fortune 100`s businesses and clients in New England. Engie is a long-standing and respected brand, recognized by customers and utilities for its transparency, financial capacity and efficiency. A market leader in community solar energy, CEC brings an unrivalled track record in the development, demototorei and operation of successful community solar projects in several markets, made possible by its powerful and widely distributed proprietary software suite, which fully integrates front and back-end services such as customer registration, installation management and data management. , account integration and long-term customer retention. “As a market innovator, the CEC has proven to be an effective tool to meet the growing demand for clean energy. ENGIE is pleased to work with CEC as a leader in this area and to harness Community Solar`s potential in the Northeast and beyond,” said Vikram Kulkarni, Vice President of Solar at ENGIE Resources. “We are seeing increasing demand for clean production in New England and we congratulate our customers, regulators and network operators, while all encouraging our own production program,” added Kulkarni. As energy needs and technology evolve, more and more companies are working together to share responsibilities for the development, construction and financing of renewable energy projects. Mr.

Barclay focuses on business transactions, particularly in the electrical industry and infrastructure projects, and advises a wide range of emerging companies, particularly in the area of sustainable technology. Its multidisciplinary practices include consulting and financing companies, joint ventures, asset mergers and acquisitions, project development, project restructuring, project financing, private equity and venture capital investment. Mr. Barclay has experience in fossil fuel technology, energy products and services; wind, solar, biomass and other regenerative resources; Biofuels coal-to-liquid; fuel cells; Waste of energy combined (clean) and decentralized heat and electricity generation, as well as independent transport projects. “The Merit SI and KOMIPO teams are good partners in making Concho Valley Solar succeed, given our complementary capabilities and well-coordinated visions. We have been working successfully on similar activities for a long time, which is essential to achieving our common goals,” said Tom Kuster, Managing Director of Merit SI. Mr. Wrathall focuses his practice on energy issues. He has particular experience in renewable energy development and energy financing; mergers and acquisitions; Regulatory and policy issues Litigation and business compliance. From 2007 to 2011, Mr.

Wrathall was a member of the U.S. Senate`s Environment and Public Works Committee on Climate and Clean Energy Legislation and Oversight. Prior to that, he was a partner for more than 10 years in the D.C.-Bureau office of a large international law firm. This CLE-Webinar will provide advice on the structuring of joint development agreements (JDAs) for renewable energy projects. The panel will examine the critical concepts of the JDA and discuss important considerations, including the adequacy of partners and approaches to the structure of the agreement.