Mlc Compliant Seafarers Employment Agreement

Sarnia is annually controlled by Lloyds Register and registered with the States of Guernsey to provide MLC-compliant employment and payroll services for each yacht in need of special assistance. The minimum age for sailors is 16. Night workers must be 18 years of age or older. The Maritime Labour Convention (2006) provides the protection authorities of seafarers with comprehensive rights and protection in the workplace. Together with SOLAS, STCW and MARPOL, the MLC is the fourth pillar of international maritime regulation. The MLC is often referred to as “The Seafarer`s Bill of Rights” and defines the requirements and conditions of use of sailors on commercial yachts. The convention consists of five titles: Learn more about holiday pay for seafarers in the 2002 Regulation on Commercial Navigation. According to the MLC, seafarers are entitled to paid leave, calculated at 2.5 days per calendar month. The Maritime and Labour Convention (MLC) ensures that seafarers have access to decent housing and recreational facilities when living on ships. An MLC-compliant employment agreement for seafarers (“SEA”) details the most common rights for seafarers and employers. Any country that ratifies the MTC must ensure that its legislation meets or exceeds the minimum requirements set out in the MTC text. As a general rule, each country`s maritime administration will ratify clear guidelines and rules for employers and seafarers to understand their rights in accordance with MTC and flag state legislation.

The agreement ensures that contracts between seafarers and shipowners guarantee fair living and working conditions. If the sailor is employed directly by the shipowner, the sea must be located between the sailor and the shipowner and signed by both the sailor, the shipowner or an authorized signatory of the shipowner. Any signatory authorized by the shipowner to sign SEAS for sailors working on the vessel should be mentioned in the second part of the declaration on compliance with the rules relating to maritime work for the vessel. The MLC does not cover sailors serving on the following vessels: under the MLC, the working environments of seafarers must be on board ships: all sailors must have the appropriate medical certificate to be able to work at sea before they can work on ships.