Alamo Canada Rental Agreement

A: A credit or debit card must be provided with a credit available in the tenant`s name. The signature must correspond to the name printed on the card and the signing of the lease. Alamo accepts American Express, MasterCard, Visa and Discover Network. Debit and credit cards are considered any credit card that bears the Visa or MasterCard of Discover Card logo. Any other non-credit card without one of these logos is NOT accepted as a valid means of payment. Debit/check-list cards are accepted for customers who provide proof that they have deceded or shipped to the rental location. Customers must have proof of delay in returning to or from where the vehicle is returned to an airline, cruise ship or train. For customers who do not de-register or descend at the rental point and/or have no proof of a round trip or return, debit cards/cheques are only accepted as a means of payment at the time of return. This applies to all airport, seaport, rail and bus station sites in the United States and Canada.

The total fuel load reflected in advance is an estimate based on current prices and the average tank size for the reserved category. This tax may change at the time of the rental. Alamo reserves the right to refuse to rent a vehicle if the tenant demonstrates an inability to manage the rules and conditions of the road. Montgomery, AL Alamo does not allow tenants under the age of 25. And in Michigan, the minimum is 18. Some special vehicles and larger vehicles may not be available for hire if the tenant or additional driver is under 25 years of age. Pay in advance for a tank full of gas instead of rental. The price is based on an estimate of current prices and the average tank size for the reserved category. This tax may change at the time of the lease due to current fuel prices. The car must be returned empty, as no refund is given for un consumed fuel. For more information, visit our U.S. and Canadian car rental insurance agent.

International Travel Cards: Alamo International Sites do not accept debit cards as a means of payment and require a large credit card for your rental. Cancellation of Collision Damage (CDW) – Reduces a customer`s liability for all or part of the car rental damage that may occur during the rental period. Note: This is not a form of insurance, but an optional waiver. Pollution Resistance Insurance Supplement (SLI) – It covers accidental third-party damage resulting from personal injury, including death, and property damage caused by the use of the rental vehicle. Alamo does not offer snow chains as additional equipment, nor can it install snow chains on rental vehicles. Our vehicles are equipped with all weather tires. Important: Most airport sites, services are limited and are limited to screening passengers only.