Compensation Agreement Osr

1. Agreed delivery times are not the last deadlines, unless the parties have expressly agreed to agree otherwise in writing. Therefore, in the event of late delivery, the buyer must send a written notice of delay to OSR. 2. The delivery period begins on the following dates, and is the last: a. on the day the contract comes into force; b. the date on which the documents, specifications, authorizations, etc., necessary for the implementation of the agreement were received by OSR; c. the day OSR received the buyer`s purchase price. 3. The delivery time is determined by the conditions applicable to the conclusion of the contract and for the timely delivery by OSR of the goods ordered by OSR for the performance of the contract. In the event of a delay in the delivery of mail without fault from the OSR, delays due to a change in the above conditions or goods ordered in a timely manner by OSR for the incorrect delivery of the contract, the delivery period is extended for the duration of the delay. 4.

Without prejudice to the provisions contained elsewhere in these terms and conditions of sale relating to the extension of the delivery period, this extension is also extended by the duration of a period resulting from the purchaser`s non-compliance with a contract obligation (including his obligation to pay the purchase price of the ordered goods) or his non-compliance with the cooperation he has required with respect to the service. agreement. 5. The buyer is required to take charge of the goods acquired on the date it is supplied or delivered in accordance with the agreement, after the extension of the delivery period or by any other means. If the buyer refuses the delivery of the goods or if the late delivery of information or instructions necessary for delivery, the goods are stored at the buyer`s expense and risk. You can use the standard driving and compensation agreement model (DOC, 123 KB) as the basis for developing your own contract. Landowners can agree to delay the driving and compensation agreement until the country has access (deferral agreement) or decide to negotiate an opt-out agreement. 1. The liability of the SSO, to the extent that it is covered by its liability insurance, is limited to the amount of payment made by the insurer. 2.

If the insurer does not pay SRO in the specific case or if the damage is not covered by the insurance, the liability of the OSR is limited to double the billed value of the product delivered. 3. OSR is not responsible for consequential damage or damage such as loss of earnings and other losses or indirect damages. 4. The purchaser releases OSR from third-party damages claims relating to property provided by OSR to the purchaser or services provided by OSR to the purchaser if and to the extent that OSR would not have held that third party liable, in accordance with the agreement and these terms and conditions, if those third parties were themselves purchasers.