Waste Management Service Agreement Terms And Conditions

MG Waste Management provides the customer with waste management services that are written or orally indicated between MG Waste Management and the Client. Any agreement by MG Waste Management to provide services is subject to these Terms and Conditions. All other terms and conditions must be written by MG Waste Management before they come into force. 8.4 Kenny Waste Management is in no way responsible for the shortfall or expected savings; Loss or damage to reputation or value Loss of chances Waste of management or staff time losses or liabilities related to or related to other contracts; in all cases, whether direct, indirect, special and/or consecutive damage; or for other indirect, special and/or consecutive damages. 10.6 This agreement and its terms are treated at all times confidentially by the parties (subject to any legal obligation for any of the parties) and any information disclosed or received by the other party in any form is considered confidential and cannot be disclosed to third parties. Each party may terminate the contract at any time prior to MG Waste Management`s performance of the services. The client must pay for all work performed by MG Waste Management and reimburse MG Waste Management for the costs it has incurred appropriately in anticipation or partial performance of the benefits. In the event that the customer terminates the contract within 24 hours of the execution date, the customer is responsible for the full agreed price for the services, despite the fact that these services have not been provided. 10.2 Both parties are replenished with their respective obligations when a party is prevented from fulfilling its obligations in a case beyond its proper control, including in the event that Kenny Waste Management`s waste management licence is revoked or amended to prevent Kenny Waste Management from complying with the agreement. 10. INTEREST ON OUTSTANDING PAYMENTS 10.1. All amounts payable by the customer for this payment, which are not paid on the due date, are paid at 2% (TWO PERCENT) per month.10.2. The above interest is calculated daily from the due date of payment of the unpaid amount until the actual payment date (both dates included) and are activated each month late on the last day of each calendar month, so that this amount remains unpaid.10.3.

WastePlan has the right to distribute any payment in capital, interest, costs or other items, as WastePlan deems appropriate at its sole discretion, despite any allocation made by the Customer or made by the Client. Mg Waste Management will make every reasonable effort to provide services on the agreed dates and inform the customer of any potential or actual delays as soon as reasonably feasible.