Can You File For Divorce Without A Custody Agreement

When it comes to custody and visitation of children, if the parties disagree, you may need a mediator. If mediation doesn`t work, a judge would be the next logical step to consider. A judge will always consider the well-being of the children and will also strive to schedule equal visiting periods for both parents. A child protection order may be required in cases of alleged abuse of a spouse or child by a parent. If there are documented reports of abuse, a court-ordered child protection order may be issued to protect you and your children. An agreement on the absence of family allowances is closely examined by the judge. Regardless of the agreement you enter into with your spouse, the issue of child maintenance can be reconsidered at any time if the child`s needs are not met and the financial situation of one of the parties changes significantly. If you`re applying for divorce, child support is a mystery. A central fact escapes a solution: in many cases, after a divorce, there are two households trying to get by with a total income that had difficulty supporting a household before the divorce. While it may be possible to conclude your divorce without a lawyer, both spouses must ensure that they fully understand their rights and obligations before accepting the terms of the divorce. At the very least, every spouse must be independently advised by a lawyer before entering into an agreement or signing documents. For more information on divorce laws in Canada, please visit the Department of Justice website. For more information on how to divorce in Ontario, please contact the Ministry of the Attorney General.

The modern trend is to try to keep both parents active in their children`s lives, which has led to the concept of shared custody. Divorce. This is the dreaded “D” word. For many, divorce is a time of pain, stress and great contemplation. Emotions are in an elevated state and the respective spouses may feel at odds. If children are at the center of the separation, divorce can be even more complicated.